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In June 2021, LIYU CARES was born as an official not-for-profit in Ethiopia - we've been working tirelessly on this project for the past few months and we're so excited to share this with our community and beyond! 
We have a 10-person board committed here in Addis Ababa, to supporting vulnerable communities (particularly women and children) through various initiatives such as the training, provision and sole distribution of exclusive natural soaps for rural communities via local women. Yes, this organisation is focused on microbusiness development for the long-term, to help encourage economic independence - not economic reliance. 
95% of the soaps currently sold in Ethiopia and neighbouring countries in the Horn of Africa use toxic and synthetic chemicals as well as detergents. Coupled with a lack of personal care/female hygiene education, women are putting themselves and their children at extreme risk of various infections, irritations and scarring not only impacting their physical health but also their mental health.  
Have you ever seen a new born baby being washed with dish soap? We have :( 
As well as the vulnerable, there is honestly not a day that goes by without a budding entrepreneur with no experience just like us, completely lost, frustrated and exhausted with the thought of starting a business in Ethiopia. We hear you. We've been working on this initiative specifically to find better ways to help you. Through this platform, we'll be focusing on delivering raw, real and EXCLUSIVE resources to help you navigate this business adventure.
Become a Member
To make all of this happen, we need your help. We are inviting members to join us at LIYU CARES via annual membership at just 250 birr per month (or the equivalent of $5) and as well helping to propel this vision and being a part of it, you'll receive the following benefits;
- 10% life-long members discount off of ALL of our products (YASSS!) and VIP status! *Please note only one discount is allowed per order and not applicable to samples/minis as they are already discounted x)*
- Free access to our business guide publications (which we plan to publish every quarter). This is mainly focused on Ethiopian business but will also include tips and helpful stories for the wider African diaspora and entrepreneurs in general anywhere. 
and we're working on so much more!
Just head over to the CARES website to start your membership today!
How to Support
Anything at all would help us as a community and we would appreciate any donations to help us kickstart the CARES soap programme. We have already pledged to donate 10% of annual profits to CARES business and we are in the process of donating equipment and office furniture.