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Our Story

Liyu Skin (ልዩቆዳ) translates from Amharic as ‘special skin’ - the only African language still using an indigenous alphabet today! We were created by a hormonal acne sufferer from London who naturally repaired her skin barrier after an eye-opening trip to the Ethiopian countryside. This brand is proudly African and Asian minority owned!
Our scientifically-formulated products formulated and tested in the UK and Asia gives a unique twist to traditional African skincare. We’re here to help those looking for solutions that are not only natural, but effective.
We are non-toxic, cruelty-free and our only non-vegan products are those that (clearly) contain ethically-sourced honey from our network of rural farmers. We are considered 100% vegan in Ethiopia.
By tirelessly serving our local community, we hope to help reduce the awfully high levels of synthetic-based skincare imports in Africa, ban bleaching and encourage the development of more local natural personal care brands.